Applicable to: iOS, Android

In the Zeemart app, you can view spending report by supplier, SKU (item), category or tag. The data in the spending report is presented per outlet (location), and is based on invoice data (not orders) to reflect actual spending.

To view spending reports: 

1. Select "Reports" on the navigation bar at the bottom. An outlet is already selected (you can select a different outlet by tapping the outlet name at the top).

2. You can select to view your reports either Weekly or Monthly, or you can also directly search to view report for an item or supplier.

To view the breakdown of your spending: 

1. Tap 'View spending details' below the graph.

2. Tap on the dates to choose the specific dates you would like to see reports for. You can view weekly, monthly or even customize the dates to your preference.

3. View your spending data by Supplier, Category, SKU or Tag.

4. Tap on SKU to view more details about your spendings for each SKU. Your SKU spending details are sorted based on total purchase value. 

5. Tap on an SKU to view the following details about that SKU: 

  • Quantity of the item bought.

  • Date the item was bought. 

  • Total spendings.

  • History of price changes. 

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