You can check if the supplier has received e-mail/mobile notifications about your newly placed orders, and also if the supplier has confirmed that they have received the order.

Order notification to suppliers

With every order placed using Zeemart, the supplier receives notification(s) via e-mail, WhatsApp, and/or SMS. Buyers can check the status of these notifications using the app or Buyer Hub:

  1. iOS, Android

  2. Buyer Hub

There are different statuses for e-mail, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Email statuses:

  • Delivered

  • Opened

  • Pending

  • Not available

  • Failed (email may have bounced or mistakenly marked as spam)

WhatsApp statuses:

  • Delivered

  • Pending

  • Opened

  • Failed

SMS statuses:

  • Delivered

  • Failed

Similarly, when an order is cancelled, Zeemart sends email/SMS notifications to the same set of recipients. The status of these notifications are also trackable on the same page.

1) iOS, Android

To view the status of e-mail/WhatsApp/SMS notifications:

1. From the 'Orders' tab, select 'View orders'.

2. Select an order with 'Placed' or 'Invoiced' status.

3. In the order details, just below the status we can see whether all notifications have been sent or there are any problems with the notifications. Tap on the status to view the order's activity history page.

5. The status of every notification sent is displayed.

2) Buyer Hub

To view the status of e-mail/WhatsApp/SMS notifications:

1. Once you login to the Buyer Hub, go to the Orders tab on the left.

2. Hover over any of the orders with the 'Placed' or 'Invoiced' status, click on the sentence below the 'Placed' or 'Invoiced' status, i.e. Email Delivered, SMS Delivered, etc. 

3. Once you have clicked on the sentence, a pop-up will appear with each individual e-mail(s), SMS(es), or WhatsApp message(s) and their status will be shown with the timestamp.

4. Alternatively, click into any order with the 'Placed' or 'Invoiced' status.

5. Within the order details page, click on the Activity tab on the left side of the page. You'll then see the order status and read receipt of each individual e-mail(s), SMS(es), or WhatsApp message(s).

Order acknowledgement by supplier

Suppliers can also manually acknowledge your orders, providing an extra level of assurance that your orders have been safely received by them.

They can do this step even if they are not already using Zeemart, as long as they are receiving orders on their e-mail. For details on how they can do this, see this article.

How do I know if the order has been acknowledged?

As a buyer, you will receive push notifications when orders are acknowledged by the supplier:

The order details page will show an "Acknowledged" label just below the order status.

You can also check this in the order's Activity History (go to an order detail page and tap the status).

The activity history on the Buyer Hub will also display the same activity:

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