Applicable to: Buyer Hub
Accessible by: Admin users

In order to export your invoice data to Xero, you need to first connect your Xero account to Zeemart.

To set up the integration:

1. Log on to the Buyer Hub desktop panel.

2. In Outlets, click on the Actions button next to an outlet and
    select Manage integration.

Each outlet can only integrate to a unique accounting software (i.e. either Xero or QuickBook), but each outlet can connect to their own individual Xero account. 

3.Select the Xero icon.

4. You will be asked to log in to your Xero account. Select Allow access
    when asked to authorise access to Xero.

5. Once done, you will be redirected back to Zeemart.

6. You will now need to select the export options for your data, including mapping your chart of accounts.

Map the Supplier listed in Zeemart to the corresponding Supplier within Xero in the "Export as..." dropdown. Then, pick a category of accounting that this Supplier falls under. Tip: Generally, food expenses are categorised as Cost of Goods Sold.

Note: The options in the "Export as..." and "Category" are pulled from Xero and can only be edited within Xero.

7. Click Save when done.

To export your invoices:

1. In the Buyer Hub, select Invoices from the side navigation.

2. Ensure you are in the Invoices tab.

3. Click on the filter icon.

4. On the Order Status drop down menu, select Processed and click Apply.

5. To export invoices one by one, click on the Export button next to the invoice in the list. You can also multi-select invoices using the checkbox button and select Export to Accounting System button at the top of the list (you must select invoices from same outlet).

Note: Once exported, the digitised invoice will not be editable any more in Zeemart. Click "Yes, proceed!" to complete the export.

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