Applicable to: Buyer Hub
Accessible by: Standard & Admin users

Recurring Order (also known as standing orders) is a feature that allows you to place a steady stream of repeat orders to a supplier by automating the process for you. The recurring orders can only be created and edited in the Buyer Hub. To find out how, watch the video below or follow the steps listed.

Creating a new recurring order

1. On the Orders tab, select the "New order" drop-down on the top right of the page.

2. Select "New recurring order" from the drop-down.

3. Configure your recurring order settings.

Deliver to refers to the outlet that you want the order to be delivered to.

Order from refers to the supplier that you want to order from.

Deliver on refers to the days that you want the supplier to deliver to. You can also configure recurring orders to skip orders for public holidays or eve of public holidays. Do note that supplier’s cut-off time do apply in setting up this configuration.

End Date refers to when the automation of recurring order should end.

  • Ongoing: For indefinite arrangement. 

  • End with last delivery on: A scheduled delivery date to end the recurring order automation.

Contact person refers to the person in your restaurants (could be yourself or your colleagues) who will be receiving the order notifications and updates regarding to the order.

Place orders refer to when the automation of recurring order will run and place the configured orders. Do note that cut-off time is set by the supplier on the Zeemart Supplier Hub.

Review your configuration in the stated blue text above the “Next:Add SKU” button. Press “Next:Add SKU” to configure your order basket.

4. Configuring your order basket.

At this page, you can select the items you need and update the quantity for each of your selected items. Hit the "Done" button to proceed to the next step.

5. Lastly, review your settings. You can add additional notes for the order to your supplier under the "Optional - Add notes" field, edit the settings made on your Recurring Orders by clicking on "Edit Settings" on the left-hand side, or return to the previous page to add more items by clicking on the "+ Add SKU" button.

6. Hit on the "Save recurring order" to complete the configurations.

Note: The settings will only take effect on the next day. For example, if you have created your recurring order at 6:00 PM today, the settings will start on the next day at 12:00 AM.

Example scenario:

Chef Jeff orders 30 trays of eggs every Wednesday & Friday except on public holidays from Fresh Egg Farm.

Chef Jeff knows that his Supplier has a cut-off time of 2 days in advance. Our system will automatically places the order to the Recurring Order Supplier on the upcoming Sunday for Wednesday's delivery and Tuesday for Friday's delivery.

He wants to receive the order notifications and to be the contact person for all the order activities in this recurring order.

The setting for his recurring order will look as the following:


Orders created through recurring orders will have an orange icon next to the order status:

On your Zeemart app:

On Buyer Hub:

Here's the article to view and manage your existing recurring orders.

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