Applicable to: Buyer Hub
Accessible by: Admin users

Zeemart can cater to the following 2 forms of approval workflow that are common in the F&B industry.
a) Value approval
b) Tiered approval

a) Value approval is when the approver approve the orders by the dollar value placed above certain defined threshold. For the set up of value approval, refer to the steps below.

b) Tiered approval is an approval workflow which allow for the approvers to sit on either level 1 or level 2 in the approval process such that when the orders are approved on the level 1, the orders will be sent to the approvers on the level 2 before being pushed to the supplier. For tiered approval, please contact your Account Manager or send an email to for assistance.

To set up value approval:

  1. Once you login to the Buyer Hub, go to the Outlets tab on the left.

2. Click on Actions, then select Manage settings from the dropdown menu.

3. Fill in the Order limit field for each users. 

  • Orders made by users that have a value above their order limit will be sent to their approver(s). 

  • An approver is a user who has the higher order limit, i.e. a user with $500 order limit will be the approver for the user with $100 order limit.

  • Leave the Order limit field empty for the user if this user needs to approve all orders that are above the limit defined.

  • Enter 0 as the order limit if all orders from this user have to be approved.

To learn how to approve an order, check out this article on Approving orders.

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