What is Zeemart?

Zeemart is an easy-to-use ordering platform that partners with FoodXervices, one of the leading grocery suppliers in Singapore to help you maintain full control over your F&B outlets’ operations through:-

  1. Consolidating & placing your orders to all your suppliers.

  2. Digitising your invoices.

  3. Be up-to-date with your business spending.

Why does FoodXervices encourage ordering through Zeemart?

As FoodXervices continues to strive for increased productivity and accuracy in their ordering workflow, you are recommended to place your orders through Zeemart, a FREE ordering platform built for F&B businesses.

Once you are onboarded with Zeemart, your existing market-list with FoodXervices will be automatically populate within your Zeemart app.

So how do I get started?

1. Register your interest on the FoodXervices landing page on Zeemart.

2. Download Zeemart app from Google Play or App Store.

3. Log in to the Zeemart app with the credentials provided in the Zeemart's email or from your FoodXervices customer service agent.

4. Tap on New Order.

5. Select FoodXervices and access your customised market-list.

6. Choose the items you require and tap on “Place Order”.

Can I order from my other Suppliers through Zeemart?

Yes, you can consolidate and place your orders to ALL your suppliers with Zeemart! Your suppliers does not need to be on Zeemart for you to place your orders to them. 

Over 1,000 outlets have saved up to 70% of their time in ordering all their supplies through Zeemart. Chat with us on our app to find out how you can upload all your market-list into your Zeemart app.

I have other questions regarding FoodXervices & Zeemart

Get faster response from our support team via the in-app chat. If you are unable to access the in-app chat, you can reach us through enquiries@zeemart.asia.

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