Applicable to: Buyer Hub
Accessible by: Standard & Admin users

A. Viewing your recurring orders
B. Managing existing recurring orders

A. Viewing your recurring orders

1. On the Orders section of Zeemart Buyer Hub, select the "Recurring orders" tab at the top. You will see all the orders, suppliers, outlet and frequency of your order. 

2. Click on the filter at the top to view them by specific suppliers or outlets as shown below.

B. Managing existing recurring orders

1. Under the "Recurring orders" tab, you will see all your recurring orders, the suppliers, the respective outlets, and the frequency of your order. To manage or edit any of the orders, click on the "Actions" located on the right side of each order.

2. You can choose to edit, make inactive/active, or delete the orders.

3. While in the editing page, you can choose to add more SKUs/items, change the quantity of each item, or edit the order settings by clicking on "Edit Settings". 

You can also add/change the notes typed in the notes section at "Optional - Add notes (order items not listed on Zeemart; special delivery instructions etc)".

4. Finally, click "Save recurring order" at the bottom of the page.

Note: The settings will only come into effect the next day at 12:00 AM. For example, if you have created your recurring order at 6:00 PM today, assuming today is a Tuesday, the settings will only kick in from 12:00 AM tomorrow, Wednesday.

Here's the article on creating your recurring orders.

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