How do I earn rebates? 

Zeemart will rebate you up to 5% of your invoice value (before GST) when you order from selected Zeemart suppliers. You can see the rebate amount for each supplier in the marketlist.

How do I view / know how much rebates I have accumulated?

A day after delivery, you will receive an email from Zeemart to inform you of the rebates accumulated for the order that was delivered.

How is the rebate issued? 

In the email that you receive post delivery, it will contain a unique promo code with the value that you have earned from the last order.

You can also view all the available rebates when you go to Order Review Screen and tap on "Promo Code".

When can I use the rebate? 

All rebates earned can be used immediately on  your next order.

Can I use multiple promo codes for an order? 

No, only 1 promo code can be applied to each order.

Is there any minimum order value? 

Yes, each supplier has set its own minimum order value. Here's how.

Will my rebates expire? 

No, your rebates will not expire. Unless otherwise stated. 

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