Applicable to: Buyer Hub

If you are already using Zeemart to do stock counts, you can generate a consumption report provided you have done at least two stock counts for the same inventory list.

Consumption report allows you to see, for each inventory item:

  • the starting quantity

  • quantity purchased (based on order data)

  • any adjustments

  • ending quantity

Based on the above information, we will calculate consumption using this formula:

(Starting quantity + Quantity purchased + (or -) Adjustments) - Ending quantity


1. In Inventory, select an outlet. Then in the Outlet page, click the Consumption report button at the top.

2. In the Consumption report page, select the inventory lists to be included in the report (you can select more than one list), then select the date range for the report. You can only select dates where there are stock counts performed on the date.

3. Click Show report. You can export the result as an Excel file. To display other columns such as Wastage, Transfer in, Transfer out, click Show/hide columns to customise the columns shown in the report.

4. You can also see which stock counts have been included for the calculation of the report by selecting the Stock counts tab.

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