The VDR (visualisation & data analytics reports) in Zeemart are business intelligence (BI) dashboards, powered by MotionBoard, that provide additional way to look at your data in a richer detail.

Key business metrics such as food costs, food price movements, supplier spending and more are visualized in interactive charts, providing operators with the ability to monitor procurement activity accurately and easily.

There are two ways to access the VDR reports on the Buyer Hub:

  • On the Buyer Hub's Dashboard, click the Interactive dashboard button next to the Spending overview header, or

  • From the side navigation, click Reports, then select Interactive dashboard.

Currently Zeemart users have access to three VDR reports:

Access to MotionBoard on Zeemart is available thanks to a partnership between Zeemart and WingArc1st Inc. For further information on MotionBoard on WingArc1st's website, please click here.

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