Applicable to: Buyer Hub

The Spending dashboard is one of the VDR reports available on Zeemart. It contains data from all outlets linked to your account and provides an overview of your spending for the selected period (default period is current & previous 6 months) using information from the invoices.

How to access

There are two ways to access this dashboard on the Buyer Hub:

  • On the Buyer Hub's Dashboard, click the Interactive dashboard button next to the Spending overview header, or

  • From the side navigation, click Reports, then select Interactive dashboard.


On the Spending dashboard, you can select to only see data from a specific outlet or select another date range at the top.

Below that are key spending-related numbers: total spending (invoiced), number of invoices, number of suppliers that issued invoices during the period, number of SKUs purchased, and number of outlets that received invoices.

Spending per...

This section shows various breakdown of your spending data.

Selected by default is spending data per Supplier. Hover over each bar to view the supplier name and total amount invoiced.

Next is spending per Category. It shows a breakdown by main item categories. You can also see a further breakdown by subcategories by hovering over the sections in each bar.

Then there is also a breakdown by Outlet, useful if your account is linked to multiple outlets or locations.

The All-time tab displays the total spending since you started using Zeemart.

And lastly, the vs PO tab shows a comparison between amount invoiced and amount ordered (PO). A positive percentage means the supplier has over-invoiced, while negative means that you have been invoiced less than your PO amount.


This section shows month-on-month data for the selected period.

The Outlet spending tab displays movement of monthly numbers of various key stats per outlet.

The Top category spending tab focuses on the top 6 categories of items with highest spending and the spending pattern by month.

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