Applicable to: Buyer Hub

The Item report is one of the VDR reports available on Zeemart. It contains spending data of a particular item/SKU for the selected period (default period is current & previous 6 months).

How to access

To access this dashboard on the Buyer Hub:

  • From the Spending dashboard page, in the Spending per... section make sure the Category tab is selected, then click View per item report.


At the top are several options to change the data displayed on the page:

  • Select a different item

  • Filter by a particular outlet (if your account is linked to multiple outlets or locations)

  • Change date range of the data

The latest price of the item is also shown on the right side of this top bar.

Key summary

The numbers at the top are key statistics relevant to this item:

  • Total amount spent

  • No. of invoices the item appeared in

  • Quantity purchased

  • Average spend per invoice

  • Min and max price range of the item within the period

Spending per month & frequency

This chart shows, for every month:

  • How much was spent on this item

  • How frequently it was bought (based on no. of invoices)

  • What is the average spend on this item per invoice

Clicking Show invoices at the top will reveal a list of all invoices where this item appeared in.

Spending details (Outlet)

This chart breaks down the total amount spent on this item by the outlets that ordered it.

Spending details (Quantity)

This chart shows the monthly order quantity for this item.

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