Applicable to: Buyer app (iOS, Android)

While receiving orders (using the GRN feature), you can also send the supplier a copy of the list of items you've received to quickly notify them of any items not received or received less than ordered.

Who will receive this notification?

Note: The feature is currently not available to recipients on Whatsapp or SMS.

We will send this to all email recipients of your orders. The recipients are listed below the field to enter the message for the supplier.

You can edit this list of recipients if your supplier is a "passive" supplier, meaning they are not using Zeemart to actively manage their orders.

To do this, go to Buyer Hub, select Outlets > Actions > View suppliers, then on the Suppliers page select Actions > View supplier settings (note: you will only see this option if the supplier is a "passive" supplier). Edit the recipients in the By email field.

How does the notification email look like?

The supplier will receive an email like this:

The email contains a message from you to the supplier (eg. to note what you did not received, or what you want the supplier to do) and a PDF attachment (see below), listing what you are supposed to receive, and what you actually recorded as received.

How to send

There are two ways to send this email to your supplier:

While creating a GRN

A Goods Received Note (GRN) is a memo of what your outlet has received during a delivery for a particular order. While creating the GRN, you'll see a toggle to "email supplier this list" right below the list of items.

Toggle it on to reveal additional field to enter your message to the supplier. You must enter a message for the supplier, eg. informing the supplier of the missing items, request for a redelivery or a credit note.

The email notification will be immediately sent to the supplier when your GRN is saved.

After a GRN has been saved

If you did not notify the supplier while creating the GRN, you can still do it after the GRN has been saved.

First, you need to open the order you've created the GRN for. Then select the GRN.

At the bottom of the GRN details page, you'll see a button called "Email supplier this list".

Tap the button, and you'll be prompted to enter a message to the supplier. When done, tap Send.

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