Applicable to: iOS, Android, Buyer Hub

You can edit order-related settings such as order cut off times, minimum order value, delivery schedules when prompted to do so on the mobile app, or anytime on the Buyer Hub, if it is for a "passive" supplier, meaning suppliers that are not using Zeemart to actively manage their orders.

On mobile (when prompted to review settings)

You can only edit the settings on the mobile app if you are prompted to review the settings. This usually happens if you have never placed an order with the supplier. Zeemart may occasionally also prompt users to review the settings from time to time.

⚠️ NOTE: Ordering to the supplier is disabled until you have reviewed the settings.

You will see the following alert if there are settings that you need to review on the app:

1. Tap the above yellow banner to start reviewing the settings.

2. Select a supplier to review its settings. If your account is linked to several outlets, you may need to tap the "X to review" button next to each outlet's name to reveal the list of suppliers.

3. You will the settings for this supplier. If it looks good, you can tap Save to confirm the settings are correct.

However, if you need to make any changes, tap the email address or the order cut off times.

By default, only the email notification method is enabled. To enable other notification methods like SMS or WhatsApp, you must first tap the email address.

4. When you tap the circled area above, you'll see the following screen. You can edit the email address field, or tap Other notification methods to add a WhatsApp or SMS number.

5. You will see a screen like this. Sometimes there could already be data for the WhatsApp or SMS fields, but VERY IMPORTANTLY, you must tap the circle button next to the labels to enable the option.

6. Enabled options for WhatsApp or SMS are indicated by this tick. Once you're done editing the settings here, tap Done.

7. Check the settings again on the screen. If everything looks good, tap Save.

⚠️ Did you enable a WhatsApp/SMS number but do not see it here? Exit this screen by tapping the top of the screen (or Back button on Android) and reopen the screen again. Make sure to select the checkbox next to WhatsApp or SMS fields.

8. You can now place orders to this supplier.

On Buyer Hub:

  • Select Outlets > Actions > View suppliers

  • On the Suppliers page select Actions > View supplier settings (note: you will only see this option if the supplier is a "passive" supplier)

What can you edit on the page?

You can edit the following:

  • Recipients of order notifications: Email/WhatsApp/SMS. The emails entered here will also receive notifications about incomplete deliveries created from the GRN page. Please note that only 1 mobile number can be entered in the WhatsApp and SMS fields.

  • Minimum order: Minimum amount required per order, and whether ordering should still be allowed if order value is below the minimum.

  • Delivery fee policy: How delivery fees should work, if applicable.

  • Cancelling after cutoff: If checked, orders cannot be cancelled after the cut off time.

  • Order cut off times: Which days can be selected for delivery and the cut off time for each day.

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